Flow Meter & Rotary Meter

Piping Type Flow Meter - LZT

Ball Valve - SH
  • measuring range 3 up to 250 l/h
  • large selection of measuring ranges, nominal diameters, also for special media
  • suitable for a wide range of applications for gaseous media, water, alkalines, acids
  • direct visualisation of the measured values
  • accuracy class 4
  • integrated mounting rail for flow data sensors
  • Manufacturer: Yuanda LZT


  • Measuring ranges graduated in line with practical requirements according to DIN, face-to-face dimension = type designation 165mm, 170mm, 185mm, 200mm, 335mm, 350mm, measuring accuracy according to VDI/VDE 3513, materials with reduced moisture absorption increase the measured value stability, process automation using optional components such as flow data sensor ZE 3000 or limit reed switches ZE 950 /ZE951, special scales according to the medium property.


Pipe Type Flowmeter


  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Petroleum
  • Light industry
  • Medicine
  • Fertilizer
  • Food
  • papermaking
  • Scientific research