Butterfly Actuator Valve

Butterfly Actuator Valve
  • Highly visible LED light gives continuous actuator status indication.
  • Multi-voltage capable with auto- voltage sensing
  • Torque output range: 25~95Nm Break 20~80Nm Reseat
  • Electronic torque limiter Protects against valve jams
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • All connections via external DIN plugs ~ no need to remove cover to connect
  • CE marked
  • Traceable sequential serial num- bering system
  • Manufacturer: JJ Automation


  • Coated iron wafer pattern butterfly valve with stainless steel disc and EPDM liner, fitted with a J3 electric actuator. Sup- plied assembled and dry bench function tested. Full size range from 11/2” to 12”. Sandwich mounts between BS4504, AS A150 or BS T ’D/E’ flanges. V alves are WR AS approved for use on potable water.


Butterfly Actuator Valve


  • Water and many acid or alkali, or solvent solutions, subject to compatibility with wetted parts in contact with media. Actuatorssizedonamaximumdifferentialpressureof10barwetservice,iftheintendeddutyis above this differential, or dry (air or gas) call to check actuator sizing as a larger output actuator may be re- quired. NOT recommended for use on steam.